Feminist Friday: Feminist Kids

Have you ever had a friend that just gets you in a way no one else does? For me, that friend is Buzzfeed. Whether it’s the posts with lots of pictures of cute cats, the weird recipes, or the surprisingly stellar reporting, Buzzfeed always finds the way to win my heart. When I saw this short post a few days ago, I knew I just had to share it. 18 Ways to Make Sure Your Child’s a Feminist by Sarah Breen really struck a chord with me. As someone who wants to have children someday, I really loved the practical tips and advice for how to raise the next Gloria Steinem or Virginia Woolf. I love point 18, “Apologize if you make a mistake. It’s the easiest way to prove that you respect them.” Isn’t that good advice for everyone, not just parents?

What’s your favorite part of the post? How do you encourage your children/nieces/nephews/students/cousins/grandchildren etc to be feminists?


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