I want to point out this photo from The St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s coverage of the Rams’ protest back in October. The Post-Dispatch won a well-deserved Pulitzer prize for their coverage of the Ferguson protests. Plenty of the photos in the series are phenomenal, but I hadn’t seen this one before, and it really moved me.

Ferguson Protests

It’s a little too perfect of a metaphor for the conflict born out of Ferguson. I went to one of the early protests, on a day when the police presence was significantly reduced and there was the hope of healing in the atmosphere. Nine months later, and that moment is sweet but swallowed by the whole of the relentlessness of injustice in America. The death toll among African-Americans at the hands of police is consistently rising, and the disillusion over Ferguson complicates the feelings of a revolution taking hold. There is a lot of work to be done, and a lot of healing still to take place. There’s not a lot I can say about what this photo means, because it says enough. It’s worth a look, though. I’ll come back to this topic soon, because it’s not something I can ever let go.


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Cody Ray Shafer

Cody is a writer and media critic living in Salt Lake City, Utah. When he's not writing he plays guitar and sings with his wife Sara Beth. They have one son, Oliver, and pug, Hugo.

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