This is your daily reminder that we are all just tools in a giant marketing machine

So these hit the Internet, and apparently they’re part of the Imax release of the trailer (the one that’s already online):





So, the marketing campaign for this looks like a lot of fun. Or, at least as fun as marketing campaigns for bloated blockbusters can get. Making them look like posters pasted on alley walls and lamp posts is neat, but it also seems like they’re maybe hoping that it will become some sort of fake guerilla marketing campaign. Which is annoying. It’s always kind of neat, kind of annoying when movies do that.

I don’t actually care too terribly much. These do seem nice because they break away from the normal superhero flick posters. You know, the ones that cram pretty much everyone (even Hawkeye!!) into the same poster in the least artful manner possible.

Batman has a solid history for posters though. In fact, plenty of comic book franchises do. Sometime I’ll write a whole blog post about how I think Dick Tracy had probably the greatest poster of all time. The greatest Batman poster, IMHO, is this one from Begins:

Of all the Bat-films, I think Batman Returns had, cumulatively, the best posters (the one on the far right actually hangs in my office):


The Dark Knight had good posters, but they’re very blue. Too blue for my blood. And every poster from The Dark Knight Rises looks like a fan poster to me. Same goes for Man of Steel. (the character posters from BvS that have been released remind me of those). So at least these are definitely a step up from the last two Nolan-produced DC comics adventures.

Also, interesting thing I was not aware of — Chris Terrio co-wrote BvS with David Goyer. Terrio worked with Affleck on Argo.  So maybe that will make a difference. Maybe it won’t. In a statement of clarification, I do want to make sure that everyone knows I think the BvS trailer is awesome, but that could mean very little for the actual film. I’m way more optimistic now, and I love the direction it’s growing, but I remember when they released the trailer for X-Men: The Last Stand, and that was awesome too. Everyone was crazy skeptical about Brett Ratner as director, and then they released that trailer and it was awesome. Then the movie came out and it was terrible.



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