Top Eleven Things, March 21 Edition

Eleven Things is back, with eleven more things, if I can come up with eleven things that is. Let’s do this.

11. Spring

Is it here yet, or what?

10. Horrible Disaster Movies

I’ve been watching The Core in bed in fifteen minute chunks for the last few nights. It’s so bad. I’m only at the part where Aaron Eckhart tells all the leaders of the world that everyone is going to die in a year. Crap like this is essential for my sanity.

9. Tommy Wiseau’s Reddit AMA

It is a masterpiece. 

8. Shoes

A good pair of shoes is essential, people. I cannot stress this enough.

7. Broccoli and Cheddar Soup

I make a mean pot.

6. Legacy of the Wizard on NES

Here’s this game I used to play all the time when I was a kid, because I would just get lost in the massive labyrinth. I had no idea what the goal was, or how to play, but it has all the beautiful marks of a great NES game. Modern critics dismiss it as too difficult and confusing, but those are exactly the reasons I love it. In an alternate universe, it was this game that set the standards for RPG gaming instead of Final Fantasy, which, admit it, was pretty terrible on the NES as well.

I’m playing it again and I really never get tired of it. Then I found this video, and this guy gets as far in 4 minutes as I did with ten hours of gameplay, and that’s with an online strategy guide. What I’m saying is, this video doesn’t do the scale of this game justice.

5. LCD Soundsystem

I don’t know why it took so long for this band to click for me, but it was this song.

4. Sonic Youth

Ok, so I also just read Kim Gordon’s book Girl In A Band, which made me want to listen to every Sonic Youth album. Which I did. There’s no easy way to get into Sonic Youth. They don’t ever “click” like LCD Soundsystem did for me this week. They just wash over you until you can’t make any room.

3. Grant Morrison’s Multiversity

I feel like this was on last week’s top eleven. No? I don’t know. I’m not going to check. It’s amazing.

2. The donuts from the Galway Market

This guy makes fresh donuts at the market and I’m really addicted to them.

1. Too Many Cooks, Election Edition

Fair play, CNN.


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Cody Ray Shafer

Cody is a writer and media critic living in Salt Lake City, Utah. When he's not writing he plays guitar and sings with his wife Sara Beth. They have one son, Oliver, and pug, Hugo.

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