TOP ELEVEN THINGS, March 7 Edition

11. Falafel

I’ve been eating a lot of this stuff, because it is so good.

10. The New Dan Deacon Album

What’s it called again? I don’t know, but all my friends are talking about it.

9. Books

Books are blowin’ up right now, yo.

8. House of Cards

I’m over it.

7. Blogging With Feeling

Try it.

6. Ireland

Want to go to a place that isn’t covered in six feet of snow? There are a lot of options, but Ireland probably has the best pubs.

5. Eating Breakfast

Yeah, I need to do that before I finish this list.

4. Eating leftover apple tart for breakfast. 

Don’t judge. I’m in heaven right now.

3. Viewing your music in iTunes by album, organized by year. 

Am I the only one who does this? There should be no other way.

itunes thing

2. Electric Kettles

How do we get by without these things in America? Boiling our water on the stove like barbarians.

1. Tattoos

Okay, not for everyone, but my wife and I got matching ones, which is the way to do it if you ask me.



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Cody Ray Shafer

Cody is a writer and media critic living in Salt Lake City, Utah. When he's not writing he plays guitar and sings with his wife Sara Beth. They have one son, Oliver, and pug, Hugo.

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